Battlefield 4 Issues (Xbox 360) – Resolve Initial Crap Performance

BF4 has been out for just over a month and a half, and anyone following it will be aware of the nightmare DICE have been trying to dig themselves out of, and the Class Action Lawsuit being filed against EA!

When starting Multiplayer, the game downloaded the Multiplayer Update 4, installed itself and played. Then lagged, crashed mid game, and finally started locking up the entire console mid session losing all progress.

Raging, I took to Google and after a while finally resolved my issue. You need to MANUALLY INSTALL UPDATES 1,2 AND 3!

Head to

You can do this on the console but I did it from the Web while searching for a resolution. Log into to your Xbox Live account and click the search icon on the top (website took ages to respond, give it time). Search for Battlefield 4 Update.


You should then have the below 3 updates showing up in the list. You will need to add each of these to your download queue.


Hit Download to Xbox 360 (or One, should work!) and this will bring up a purchase window, don’t worry about all the payment detail stuff, just click through until you have it showing as added to queue.

clickdownloadFire up the 360 and head over to the Download Queue – you may need to select ‘Download to this Device’ and it may moan that these are already on another console. Ignore all that and make sure all the downloads are queued up.


When all downloaded, I restarted the Xbox and went into BF4. I have so far played through 3 Conquest sessions and a couple of Obliteration sessions with 0 crashes and pretty much no lag.

So you ask, why on earth did BF4 not auto-download the rest of the updates if it could download MP Update 4? Well, we live in an age of untested junk being flung about the tech world unfortunately! I am yet to be impressed by a release from anyone (new product or software update) in the past 6-12 months.

Let me know if you have had similar issues and this has resolved it for you!

Edit: I posted a threat over at the BF forums to ask around!

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