Backup a Raspbian Installation

I only have one decent sized SD card for use with my Raspberry Pi, a 32GB Sandisk SDHC card. I recently started looking at Raspbmc for XBMC use (as the installation looks better than installing XBMC on top of Raspbian).

As such, I googled it. Found it on stackexchange and an subsequently reposting what I have found, in a hopefully easier to read way.

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Windows 7 on Idle


What the hell!!!  Not only does Windows 7 boot amazingly fast, when I’ve got my applications loaded and sitting in the system tray this is my idling CPU usage. Its around 0-5%.

On the same machine with Vista running it was idling at around 20-30% if not more. Plus the memory usage was about 1.5Gb higher! Very glad I took the plunge and ignored the “no adoption until service pack 1”! Thank you University of Kent School of Computing and MSDNAA (for my free license of Win7 Professional)!