Strung up and plugged

The new and improved Shine Flying V now has strings and a cover for the electronics!

  CRW_5662 CRW_5664

Strings of choice, Ernie Ball Power Slinky (£6.99 from Ken Stevens, although they are cheaper online at Strings Direct).


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Stringing up took about an hour (2nd try, snapped 3/6 of the first set I tried). Once they were on I tuned to standard and had a listen! It sounded pretty damn good for something I had put together. I will try and record something and upload that soon.

Now, because I’m a little sad and this project is kind of like my signature guitar, I signed the truss rod cover! Silver paint pen did the trick.


Electronics Cover

I couldn’t keep the guitar with just come gaffer tape over the electronics hole, so I had to fashion my own cover as eBay didn’t help me find a replacement!

I used the MDF stand from the back of a 10×8” photo frame, which just fit the 158mm x 35mm space needed.


After about an hour and a half of cutting and filing to shape, I came out with the above! I’m pretty impressed with it, all it needs is some sanding down and a nice paint job.



Image showing more of the guitar (and my other guitar, and a guitar hero controller!)


So now I’m about 95% finished. All I need to do is paint the cover and fit the control knobs (in the post! Silver ones from eBay.)

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