Shine V Under Way!

I have taken delivery of my Shine Asymmetric Flying V, and I have images showing the state it arrived in and its state so far.

 CRW_5601 CRW_5606 CRW_5611

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As you can see, the bridge pickup is screwed (which I will deal with later!) Now, the plan at the moment with the parts I have for this (none) is just to do some generall tidying up of the body and make it look nice ready to be restrung.

To clean the guitar, I used some Orange Oil wood conditioner and polish that’s been knocking around the house for god knows how long.



Basically, with the strings off I dismantled the entire guitar, removed the neck, the pickups, the bridge and the tuning pegs. Once this was done I used a damp microfiber cloth to clean away the dust caused by the shredded paper that packaged this beast!


CRW_5627 CRW_5625

The new pickups have longer wire to make it easier to connect everything together later. I don’t know how they sound, so I might have to end up replacing them later on anyway…

Now for cleaning the fret board and neck.


As you can see from the above image, the fret board was horrid. I used the damp cloth again to clean the areas around the fret to remove grime and prep for the polish.

CRW_5637 CRW_5639

The polish was very good at getting the fret board looking much cleaner. 


I also removed all the tuning pegs to allow the headstock to get a proper good cleaning. However there was one stubborn screw that was threadbare so I couldn’t get get it off. As I got most of them off I just cleaned around that one!


I also took off the truss rod cover (triangle ish piece of plastic) and removed the protective cover and dusted around that.

Once I had everything nice and cleaned up and polished I just went about putting everything back together.

CRW_5643 CRW_5645 CRW_5644

As you can see, it looks much better than the images at the top of the post. And the middle one shows up how much the fret board has been cleaned up!


Still to do:

  1. Get input jack and 3 way switch for pickup selection
  2. Get new strings
  3. Put it all together!

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