Shine V now with electronics!

The electronics in the guitar are now in and 95% complete!


All the wiring was completed to this wiring diagram from

2 Humbuckers/3-Way Toggle Switch/1 Volume/1 Tone

As you can see its not too complicated, but its fidly. With the connection boxes that size the wiring  doesn’t fit in the cavity. Trip to Maplin will sort that out!


Now Ive got smaller connection boxes fitted I VERY carefully pushed all the wiring into the guitar body. This took quite a lot of time because cables kept snapping in the boxes.


Once all the wiring was in it was time to test. I used a spare string from a failed attempt to restring this guitar, fed it through the bridge and the tuning peg. I plugged in the amp and strummed. Out came a very satisfying sound that was pretty much like a bass guitar!

Now there was sound coming out, I was almost done. All i needed to do was to improve the grounding of the electronics and cover with tape.


Until I either find a back plate that will cover this area or I fashion one myself, gaffer tape will do the job!


I’ve stolen the dials from my Stratoknockoff until I can get myself some nice chrome ones.


Will be restringing next week. Strings of choice: Ernie Ball Power Slinky (£6.99 from Ken Stevens, although they are cheaper online at Strings Direct)

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