Rail replacement bus service

I hate bus replacements. I want to use the train, beacuse it’s quicker, quieter and just more pleasent. But at the weekend down in Kent everything gets fucked up.

Seems there’s a lot of work going on on weekends between sittingbourn/faversham areas and Canterbury east. I knownit must be important otherwise South Eastern Railways wouldn’t be paying the travelmasters bus company to ship it’s passengers around, but it’s still annoying.

I think it’s because it’s a train company, I’ve had enough with them! First Capital Connect, the operator where I used to live as a sixth form student thought we could afford £600 to use the train to get to college each year. When we complained (we being an awful lot of parents and students) they said that the cost was perfectly fine and it doesn’t know why we were complaining.

We complained because it used to be about £150/200 for a year. The MD never listened to questions about why a carpark that was free now costs £1.50 a day. I offered advice to get people back in it, as people were using a piece of land behind the station to park instead! I was given a stupid excuse and basically told to grow up. I may only be 18, but I have common and business sense and it seems that the FCC don’t!

Rant over and it’s starting to hurt typing on this iPhone.


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