Chrome Owns Firefox

Ever since I started with Google Chrome about 2 months ago I was amazed at how little there was cluttering up the viewing space. I hadn’t realised quite how much was missing in chrome until I revisited Firefox for the first time in that time!


As you can probably see from the above comparison, theres just less clutter! It gets even better when I use the Ctrl + B shortcut to hide the bookmarks menu in Chrome.


This increased space on the viewing window and lack of clutter has made my mind love chrome, and when I tried to go back to Firefox it was like looking at a very untidy desk full of useless rubbish!

I will say that Firefox has that amazing extensibility etc etc that Chrome lacks, and the “magic bar” in firefox that allows you to use shortcuts for bookmarks is very nice, but other than that its Chrome FTW!


But, at the end of the day, its what ever takes your fancy! I personally think Chrome, now I’ve been using it for a while is the way forward.

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