Web Advertising 2.0

I was watching a video interview with Digg.com founder Kevin Rose earlier and he made an interesting point about advertising. It was mentioned that some web advertising is a bit too overdramatic and users don’t really want to be seeing some product being advertised. Content consumers would much prefer being shown what kind of things are in the pipeline at a certain company, or what is being done behind the scenes.

To me this is an interesting idea, as for a while now the internet has been used to adverts being like they are in print form. Ads would show you a product or service that is on sale and try to get it ingrained in your head so you will eventually buy it. The idea of advertising certain content is very different from this, I like it as an idea but Im not sure how a return on the advertising capital could be made. Unless of course at somepoint down the line a product is offered and the user will purchase it.

One other point made was about letting users comment on the ads. This could be a very cheap way of getting feedback and making the ads more effective, possibly increasing sales. It could also be a way of finding out if they are advertising the complete wrong thing from what the users actually want.

Go watch the interview and see what you think! (Link above)

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