iPhone OS 3.0 – MobileMe integration working well!

I’ve been using iPhone OS 3.0 since about 18:00 GMT! I was on the check update button right form the launch time and was the first among people I knew to actually be able to download it via iTunes!

There are many blogs covering the various features, but I think MobileMe gets a bad wrap. I haven’t really seen “Find My iPhone” talked about much, and it’s a great little feature. I’m guessing they took the idea from a jail broken app which did kind of the same thing but failed. The GPS locate gets it to within about 30m, which isn’t at all bad! The message alert and tone is very useful! Its quite loud and can be heard a decent distance away.

Another interesting upgrade which wasn’t really talked about is the ability for MobileMe subscribers to upload images to their  galleries with great ease. Before the 3.0 update, pressing “Send to MobileMe” brought up the Mail app with your photo attached in it with an email address that would sent it to your account. This was an ok way around it, but for something which Apple control, a bit ad hoc. However, now its much more flash!


When you press the “Sent to MobileMe” button now, you are presented with the above window. Which lets you select the gallery you want to put it in (as you can see, I don’t really use mine to its full potential!) and lets you add a description and title. Within seconds (Wi-Fi) the photo was online, and you are presented with a link to preview it from Mobile Safari (which I am VERY impressed with! My new web development fly’s in it!)

Very promising application there, and I hope that the iDisk application that is in the pipeline (http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-3g-s/more-features.html, near the bottom) lives up to my expectations and blows the other apps out of the water. Apologies to them but I really don’t get on well with them.

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