Windows 7 on Idle


What the hell!!!  Not only does Windows 7 boot amazingly fast, when I’ve got my applications loaded and sitting in the system tray this is my idling CPU usage. Its around 0-5%.

On the same machine with Vista running it was idling at around 20-30% if not more. Plus the memory usage was about 1.5Gb higher! Very glad I took the plunge and ignored the “no adoption until service pack 1”! Thank you University of Kent School of Computing and MSDNAA (for my free license of Win7 Professional)!

Dell Dock and Windows 7


The Dell Dock was very very useful when I had it installed on Vista, and decided that I needed it on Windows 7 too. I set about getting it and the website that Dell suggest ( wouldn’t let me download the application.

Luckily good ol’ CNET has it in their downloads area and I acquired it from there. Once I got it installed, I found out that 7 wouldn’t let me drag and drop shortcuts into the application! This kind of defeats the object of the dock! Solution was needed.

Then I thought about using the technique I use on Windows Live Messenger in Win7. Run the dock in Vista SP2 compatibility mode and voila, all working!