Review: Iomega Prestige 1Tb Desktop HDD

Today I got this drive from Tesco, £69.99. Not bad for a hard drive, and the reviews I had been reading at Amazon were very impressive.

I was under the impression that it was going too be a Samsung drive, but Windows states the device name to be “WDC WD5000BEVT”, which for those who don’t know, means its a quite nice Western Digital drive. I haven’t opened the case yet to find out but will in the future and update this post.

Anyway, after plugging in its power supply and the USB port into my 4 port hub it was away. No issues, drive name formatted as “Iomega HDD” on the NTFS file system.

One great thing about this drive was that it came with a license key to some OK backup software, as the main role of the drive is to backup my laptop. EMC Retrospect Express is the name of the software, and its just finished backing up my 500GB internal drive (150Gb used so far!). This took about 6 hours, quite a long time but its done now.

I kind of like the software, but having actually looked through the settings it doesn’t run as a background process and i don’t think it can replace a file in situ from a backup copy. Which is a bit crap and I might have to buy some more bloody software!

Other than that, good HDD so far. It runs a little hot, but I’ve got it in its stand so it shouldn’t melt the desk. I will update this post if anything changes/when I bin the software.

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